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Happy Earth Day from Angel’s Sex Toys

Happy Earth Day from Angel’s Sex Toys!

We want to wish all our customers a Happy Earth Day! Only 8 more days left to use the coupon code AUNATUREL before it expires. Hurry and save $5 on your order of $25 or more on anything online at Angel’s Sex Toys, including our elemental sex toys. Give thanks to the Earth and buy green sex toys!

Taking a break from our talk of elemental sex toys to touch on the newly US-released Official Pleasure Collection, Angel’s Sex Toys is ready to talk about bondage! There are two 50 Shades bondage kits in the collection, each with their own unique qualities. Which one is better for you? Let us help you decide!

50 Shades Beginner Bondage Kit

The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Submit to Me’ Beginners Bondage Kit is a great starter kit for the 50 Shades fan who is starting her BDSM tool collection. Not only does this have an eye mask for basic sensory deprivation and a basic spanking paddle for a bit of S&M fun, the four restraint straps are easy to use. The satin ties use a D-ring system to fold over onto itself, similar to a belt.

This bondage set can be used almost anywhere – you aren’t confined to a four poster bed to have your bondage fantasies come true. Have your wrists tied together, or spread out on all fours before getting bound to the bed. You decide how your 50 Shades role play fantasies are played out!


Don’t forget – coupon code LOSEYOURHALO will save you 10% on your order at Angel’s Sex Toys. Not spending that much? Have a look at the right side of the blog to see all our current coupon codes and deals!

50 Shades Bed Bondage Kit

Another great starter kit for the 50 Shades fangirl, the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Hard Limits’ Bed Restraint Kit is a bed bondage system that uses the weight of both the mattress and the submissive on top of it to keep them restrained. The cuff-and-clasp system used to attach the submissive to the restraint kit is quick release as well as being compatible with any other BDSM tool that uses rings to attach the cuffs.

The eyemask included adds another layer to the play, removing the sense of sight while enhancing the others. This kit is slightly less expensive than the 50 beginner bondage kit but still has all those bondage qualities that the beginner is searching for.

That covers the bondage kits from the Official Pleasure Collection, but did you know that Angel’s Sex Toys carries even more bondage kits? From your high end complete sets to smaller starter sets, Angel’s has all the “kinky fuckery” bondage kits you are searching for!

Fetish Fantasy Series Lover’s Fantasy Kit Sex & Mischief Intro to S&M Kit Belladonna’s Tie Me, Spank Me & Fuck Me Kit


Asylum Patient Restraint Kit


Cotton Bondage Rope For BDSM Enthusiasts

I’d bet that we have some folks in the BDSM lifestyle reading this blog. Well, we certainly haven’t forgot you in this month’s celebration of natural sex toys for Earth Day! This time we are exploring cotton with Japanese bondage rope! Angel’s Sex Toys carried three colors of Japanese cotton bondage rope – red, purple and the classic black. They come in 32 foot lengths with a .32 inch diameter. There’s even a knot instruction book included for those who are just starting to learn bondage rope basics.

Not ready to play with full length rope yet? There is an easy-to-use alternative! Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs are a quick and adjustable way to restrain your lover without the need for knots. They are as strong as the standard style rope, but have a cuffing mechanism that turns these simple silk ropes into a pair of hand cuffs.

We’ve got a ton more bondage gear at Angel’s Sex Toys, which are all able to be discounted using this month’s coupon code AUNATUREL. Save $5 on your order of $25 or more until the end of the month using this coupon code. Don’t forget – if you missed out on this deal, you can always check the side of the blog for our latest discount codes and offers.

Sexy Massage Candles from Earthly Body

Did you know that we carry more than just sex toys at Angel’s? From lingerie and wigs, to lubes and lotions, and even things to set the mood, like candles. One of the candles that we love, and fit in perfect with our Earth Day celebrations is the line of Earthly Body candles. These aren’t your ordinary “light and leave” candles, though – they are much more than that!

The Earthly Body Suntouched line are 3 in 1 candles. Light the candle and enjoy it’s room-filling scent. After a while, the soy based wax melts down into a warm massage oil. Let the oil soak into your skin for a great moisturizer. These Earthly Body candles are 100% vegan and made from nontoxic materials.

Earthly Body also has a line of edible candles. You can melt them down and use them as a massage oil just like the Suntouched line, but these have a flavor that will stimulate the tongue as much as the skin. In flavors like strawberry, mint, peach and chocolate, there’s always something that will tempt your tastebuds – even more so than your lover’s body!

Be sure that you use the coupon code AUNATUREL when shopping at Angel’s Sex Toys this month. You’ll save $5 on orders of $25 or more. If you missed out on this coupon code, check out the right side of the blog for our latest coupon codes and offers.

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