A few weeks back, there was a bit of a disturbance in the sex toy force. Artist┬áBalazs Sarmai created “6 Pieces of Pleasure“, which were his interpretation of various Avengers superheros in sex toy form. (He’s also created a seventh more recently.) There was even the rumor going around for a while that these were actual concept pieces that a sex toy company was taking on. Unfortunately, this ended up being just internet gossip. Cue thousands of Comic-Con fangirls over the world upset that they couldn’t have a Hawkeye G-Spot Vibe. (Yes, we were a couple of those fangirls…)

Then…it happened. Doc Johnson, who aren’t ones to let sex toy needs go unanswered, released a limited edition set of four sex toys that listened to this cry for attention. They brought out the Super Hung Heros collection of themed dildos! Now, due to licencing and all those other legal issues, they can’t actually name these toys after the characters themselves. But, I think it’s obvious to everyone who they are intended to be! We don’t know how many runs of this set of super hero sex toys there will be, so we’re going on with the idea that when they are gone from our stock, we won’t be able to get more. So grab your coupon code and head on over the Angel’s to pick up your new Super Hung Heros comic book dildo!

Incredible Hulk sex toy

Incredible Hunk

After a lab experiment gone sexy, Dr. Bruce Boner can transform into a big green monster cock known as The Incredible Hunk.
This is a monster dildo for sure! You’ve got over 8 inches in total length with more than 7 of that insertable, and a thickness of more than 2.5 inches. There’s no mistaking which massive green superhero the Incredible Hunk dildo was formed after. With it’s somewhat phallic shape and textured veins, you are going to feel every inch of this Super Hung Heroes cock. Made with 100% silicone, it’ll be easy to clean.
Spiderman dildo super hero cock

Amazing Web Shooter

The Amazing Web Shooter Red Cock Peter Pecker has a sexy secret: he is the Amazing Web Shooter! With a 5.3 inches girth and 5 inches insertable length, this web textured curvaceous cock will make super hero fans scream his name!
Look at the texture on this super hero dildo! Can you imagine how every edge of that webbing will feel against your skin as it slides right in? Lube this baby up with a lot of water based lubricant before giving it a try. With the additional textures, it may be more difficult to clean, so we suggest sticking it on the top wrack of your dishwasher.
Iron Man Dildo Superhero cock

Rock Hard Man

Ladies man? Check. Genius? Check. The man that has it all? Check! The golden Rock Hard Man is America made of the best Platinum Premium Silicone in the world and has incredible armored detailing along his straight shaft, a defined head, 6.3 inches girth and 6.8 inches insertable length.
This is the least expensive superhero dildo in the series, and is the most simple in design. But, when we mean simple, we don’t mean boring. Check out the attention to detail in this superhero dildo. There is zero room for error on who this gold colored sex toy was designed after!
Batman dildo super hero dildos

The Caped Cock

GoodHead City needs a hero and Bruce Wang is just the man for the job! The Caped Cock boasts a 6.6 inches girth and a 5.4 inches insertable length, with an uncut head and an incredible textured bat detailing on both sides of its sleek black shaft.
It’s rare that you get an uncircumcised dildo – and even rarer when it’s a super hero! We love the mix of the smooth phallus and balls mixed with the textured bat emblem running up and down the sides of this dildo. This is another oversize and extreme dildo that may be best suited for those who are using to taking a large size. (Or, those that want book-ends for their comic book collection!)