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Shipping Dates for Christmas Arrival

With a number of shipping methods available to Angel’s Sex Toys customers, we thought it best to give you the deadlines set by the services we use.

Please keep in mind that our suppliers will be closing up prior to the last day of shipping. We strongly suggest that any orders you want to receive before Christmas be placed on or before December 20th for USPS shipping and December 18th for UPS shipping. 

USPS Shipping Dates – click image for additional details, including international dates.

Angel's Sex Toys Shipping


UPS Shipping Dates – click image for additional details, including international dates.


KinkLab 3 Snap Cock Ring, RubberSure, it is a bit late in the year to start giving teaching sessions, but I figured it would be good to go over some concepts that I get asked about often. Today’s tutorial is Cock Rings 101 – relating to finding the correct dick ring, putting it on, and working with it to its full potential.

Regardless what you call it – cock ring, penis ring, love ring, enhancer ring – we’re talking about adjustable circles that are worn on the penis to limit blood flow. For some men this truly is the best way for them to keep up an erection without the need to pop any tablets. Various other men love the extra thickness and length that they can give. There are also an assortment of men out there that make use of dick rings as an element of their BDSM lifestyle. No matter why you’re using them, the essentials to get them on are essentially the same!

Loads of guys will use a solid band for their first time. The good part is that they are often more affordable and do survive for some time. The disadvantage? You really need to be flaccid whenever putting them on, which can be a tiny bit complicated if you know what’s coming up! First thing you need to do is move your penis into the hole in the center of the loop, so it is lying just in front of your scrotum. Once in that spot, slip an individual testicle at a time into the opening so that the ring is now located behind your sack. (There are some penis rings that will be made to be worn on the penis only, so be positive you read up on your dick ring before putting it on.) The fit should be quite snug, but not painful. Lubrication can be used to help slip the different parts of the organ through the ring, but be sure that the type of lubrication you use is compatible with your dick ring materials. Silicone penis rings and silicone sexs lubes don’t go together!

After you have had intercourse and are prepared to get rid of the band, the strategy is virtually the same but backwards. Keep in mind that the “O” is holding blood up in the penis, so getting limp shortly after sexual activity might take a bit of time. We suggest slipping one finger into the ring’s opening and provide yourself some extra ‘space’ in order to the blood go back to the body.

Here’s a rundown of the basic cock ring varieties:

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