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Octopus Tentacle DildoSeen enough Hentai to know where this is going? The 7.5 inch Octopenis sex toy is a hand made sex toy that can satisfy the expectations of any tentacle fetishist out there! Instead of your basic penis and balls style dildo, the Octopenis starts off by having an octopus head at the bottom. The beast’s tentacle legs grip a penis shaped shaft. The octopus dildo is constructed from phthalate free polyvinyl chloride, and does contain latex. (So individuals that are allergic to latex will need to pass up this one.)

Among the list of more special factors about the Octopenis is the fact that the producers – TSX Toys, Inc. – make each of their adult toys to order. You aren’t choosing an off the shelf sextoy that’s been parked in a plastic clam shell case for ages. The toy is manufactured after your purchase is placed. Because of this, there’s two disadvantages. Whenever your purchase is sent, it’s non-refundable. They can’t transfer your unwanted octopus dildo on to anyone else. Aside from that it takes a little bit longer for the Octopenis to get to your house compared to a basic dildo. It can take a maximum of five working days to make this made to order dildo. But with a unique dildo like this, we certainly think it’s worth it!


Ready to meet your tentacle porn desires and grab yourself an Octopenis dildo? Now it’s possible to save 10% at Angel’s Sex Toys with the discount code LOSEYOURHALO. Just type in that coupon at checkout and you will have the retail price of your sextoy reduced! This is good for any item at Angel’s – not just for the hand crafted dildos and dongs. (But there’s an awesome selection of those as well!)


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Part the firm rosey lips, and push your erect penis within. The heated sensation takes over your cock, and you can seriously feel the little protrusions on the lining. The suction stretches deep – right down to the base. You glance down, and you can see yourself within it. When you move in and out, the pleasure takes over you, and you’re geared up to cum. After a few more thrusts, you have reach your climax. God, that really feels delicious, and cleaning up afterward is basically non-existent. As soon as you’re through, you can place that lovely mouth away for the next encounter.

Seems like the perfect oral sex, doesn’t it? No-one to pick up, little foreplay, perfect procedure, and not a drop to wipe up – has anyone had it this simple? Well, there does exist a way you can have a session like this every day, and it’s the Head Honcho male masturbator. Of course, you’ve probably checked out male masturbators previously – they are often shaped like flashlights and run around 3 figures to buy. Can you even consider coughing up that kind of cash, particularly in this economy?

Now, you do not have to. The Head Honcho is everything we have detailed and a lot more. Using the its lengthy pink tubing with interior textures, you will be excited by both the suction and the rubbing. Even the largest gents out there will delight in the six inches of penetration. The opening in the lips will fit right around your penis, and down the entire way to the bottom. The material warms to your body temperature, mirroring that of warm mouth. When you are done, it truly is as effortless as running warm soapy water through the tube, or flipping it inside out for a more extensive washing.

Guys around the world, from all parts of society and all sexual orientations are taking advantage of this awesome replacement to high priced masturbation products.

You should not shell out your precious funds on that flashlight looking male masturbator when there exists a perfect choice online at Angel’s Sex Toys. Close your eyes and start dreaming, because the Head Honcho will take you to a different place!

male masturbator
Sue Johanson’s Super Head Honcho
head honcho male sex toy
Sue Johanson’s Big Honcho
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Travel Head Honcho Kit
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Sue Johanson’s Honcho

anal training how toOne of the most searched terms at Angel’s Sex Toys is anal training. Whether you’re an anal virgin looking to take part in anal sex for the first time, or someone who wants to wear anal plugs, anal training will help you train your body to take things up the back side.

In our guide, Anal Training 101 – Beginner’s Guide To Anal Preparation, we hope to answer a lot of your questions. How do you start anal sex training? Do you need anal training if you’re not using butt plugs? Is anal training for sex with a penis different than those who are just wearing butt plugs? Can you use lube for anal training? We’re hoping to answer all of those questions, as well as give you a general how-to for anal training.

Do you have any questions about anal training that we haven’t covered? Feel free to leave a question in the comment section below and we will do our best to help you out!

vaginal penis pumpBeginner penis pumps don’t need to look like a test tube! Realistic penis pumps like the Oro Stimulator can add a bit of visual fun to your penis pumping. This pump has a mouth-like opening for the penis, and a sheath that rolls over your member for a blowjob-like feel. The hand pump is easy to use and doesn’t require any batteries or wires. This is a basic beginner’s penis pump with the added feature of a realistic mouth.

We’ve had a number of reviewers say that they’ve bought this penis pump a number of times, they enjoy it so much. While the low price means it won’t last you forever, it’s much less expensive than going out and buying a $50 penis pump and deciding you don’t like the way it works. One reviewer even modified it so that his lover could suck on the tube rather than using the hand pump to activate the suction. Add a bit of water based lube to the mix, and you’ve got a portable blow job!

You can save on the Oro Stimulator as well as all penis pumps, enhancers, and anything else online at Angel’s Sex Toys using the coupon code WATCHITGROW. That’ll save you 10% on your order. Missed out on this coupon code? Don’t worry! Check out the side of the blog for our latest coupon codes and offers!

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