Picking up from where our previous list left off, the Icicles brand of glass sex toys has every possible toy you can imagine. If you’re looking for inexpensive glass toys, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget – use the coupon code AUNATUREL at Angel’s and get $5 off your order of $25 or more, for a limited time only. Missed out on this discount code? Check the right side of the blog for our current coupon codes and offers!

glass dildoIcicles No. 21 – This glass sex toy is a simple and elegant glass dildo. The flat flared bottom is at the base of a gently curved shaft that ends in a mushroom” shaped tip. This glass toy is colorless other than floral detailing along the shaft.

Icicles No. 22 – A red, white and blue glass dildo that would be great as a 4th of July gift for a lover, this glass dildo has a very basic shape. A blue glass flared flat base hour-glasses into a straight shaft with a mushroom head tip. A spiral of blue and red glass sit in the middle of the clear glass shaft.

Icicles No. 23 – If you’re looking for a glass double ended dildo, this the toy for you! The pink glass double dildo is a total of 13 inches long with a penis-like tip at either end.

Icicles No. 24 – Tentacle porn fans will love number twenty four! This pink glass dildo is shaped like a curved tentacle with ridges and numbs that will drive you wild – the perfect glass tentacle dildo!

glass butt plugIcicles No. 25 – A classic butt plug for those looking to start their anal training. The flat flared base grows into a larger flared bulb. A very basic glass butt plug at an affordable price.

Icicles No. 26 – Another glass butt plug, bit this has a more tapered bulb rather than the standard fat and round style. This clear glass butt plug also has a flat flared base.

Icicles No. 27 – If you’re searching for a more stylized glass butt plug, the 27 may be what you are looking for. The flat flared base narrows to a short neck before ballooning out to a smaller bulge, with a larger bulge on top. The tip is tapered for easy insertion. The glass butt plug itself is light pink, with a light pink glass swirl around the upper bulge.

Icicles No. 28 – A basic glass dildo with the addition of a thick glass swirl around the shaft is what you’ll get with the Icicles 28. The pink glass dildo has a flat flared base, a slight curve to the shaft, and a mushroom shaped tip.

Icicles No. 29 – Similar in shape to the 28, this glass dildo uses blue glass bumps rather than swirls to bring more sexual stimulation to this glass sex toy.

glass dildoIcicles No. 30 – This dual stimulation glass toy is designed to pleasure the g-spot and the clit at the same time. A thicker arm has a foreskin-like texture, and the thinner arm has slight bumps. The looped bottom helps keep control. This pink glass sex toy does not vibrate.

Icicles No. 31 – This unusual looking glass dildo is double ended for twice the sensory experience. One end has a series of bulges with a slightly tapered one at the end for easy insertion. The other end has a bent shaft with a single mushroom tipped head. This blue glass sex toy can be used anally or vaginally.

Icicles No. 32 – A great gift for Valentine’s Day, this red glass anal probe is similar in style to the Number 3, with a series of glass spheres attached in a row, but the number 32 has a heart shaped handle at the end.

Icicles No. 33 – A rather unusual toy in the Icicles collection, this is a teddy bear shaped clear glass bullet vibrator with clear remote control.

glass strap on vibratorIcicles No. 34 – Number 34 is a butterfly strap on vibrator made of pink glass. A bullet vibrator sits in the looped base of the toy. A pair of rabbit-style ears stimulate the clit while a pink penis shaped shaft is inserted for internal stimulation. A pair of pink elastic straps keep the toy in place making this a hands free glass sex toy.

Icicles No. 35 – This amber colored glass vibrator holds a remote controlled mini bullet vibe in the looped base. The shaft is curved in a gentle S-shape, and the tip helps stimulate the g-spot.

Icicles No. 36 – If you’ve been searching for a glass dildo with strapon harness, the number 36 is for you! The amber colored glass dildo sits in an o-ring style pink harness that easily adjusts.

Icicles No. 37 – This black glass butt plug is not for beginners! The clear loop at the base of this glass anal probe gives you complete control over insertion. The black has a series of bumps on the shaft before growing into a tapered mushroom style head.

icicles glass floggerIcicles No. 38 – One of the most sought after items in the Icicles glass sex toy collection is this glass handled flogger. The clear glass handle for this BDSM tool can be used for insertion as well as controlling the leather fall. The swirled shaft helps grip the glass handle as well as provide internal stimulation when used as a dildo.

Icicles No. 39 – A black spiraled glass anal probe that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the back side. This glass anal sex toy has a looped base and a series of spirals that come to a tapered tip.

Icicles No. 40 – One of the more lifelike glass dildos in the collection, the number 40 is a penis shaped glass sex toy, complete with glass sack, veined shaft and tip. This clear glass sex toy is great for those who are looking for something atomically correct in their glass toys.

Icicles No. 41 – Icicles has added glass ben wa balls to their collection. This pair of clear glass spheres are great for experienced ben wa ball (also called love balls, pleasure balls, and duotone balls) users, as well as those who are brave enough to use non-corded ben wa balls for a truely sexy experience.

Icicles No. 42 – The number 42 is a slightly larger version of their glass ben wa balls (Icicles No. 41).

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