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Last Few Days For TEACHME10 Coupon Code!

Back To School Sex Toy SaleThe month of August is almost done, which means our TEACHME10 coupon code is almost through! Get your last minute “adult” back to school shopping done at Angel’s Sex Toys and save.

Use the discount code TEACHME10 and save 10% on your orders of $50 or more until August 31st. This code is valid on anything online at Angel’s, including our selection of slutty schoolgirl outfits, sex instruction books, and so much more!

Save On Schoolgirl Outfits With TEACHME10

Earlier last week we debuted our back to school savings code TEACHME10, and highlighted just a few of the school-themed items that we have over at Angel’s Sex Toys. Now it’s time to dig a bit deeper into our kinky wardrobe and talk about naughty schoolgirl costumes!

The “slutty schoolgirl” is quite a popular role play scenario for couples. It can be as plain and vanilla as just some kinky talk, or taken all the way with a full on BDSM session. We’ve seen quite a few submissive men enjoy being dressed up in these slutty little numbers – almost as much as their female counterparts. For those looking for a one-stop shop, we’ve got a number of school girl costume sets that come with almost everything you’ll need to complete the look!

Vivace 2 Piece Schoolgirl Outfit Six Piece Naughty Little Schoolgirl Summer School Dropout Costume Sexy School Girl Costume

We do know that there are ladies and gents out there that prefer to build up their own schoolgirl costumes rather than buy a pre-purchased set. Sometimes this is best for hard-to-fit figures, as the sizes in the schoolgirl costume sets are pretty standard. Buying pieces separately let well-endowed ladies get the perfect tie-front top that will fit, or those with a bit more booty to find a skirt that fits them as snug as they want. Even if you do decide to purchase a pre-selected set, be sure to check out our accessories section for just the right additions to your slutty schoolgirl outfit!

Eden Platform Pump Be Wicked Plaid Pleated School Girl Mini Skirt Lace Top Ankle Socks Escape Medium Spiral Curls Wigs

Don’t forget – use the coupon code TEACHME10 to get 10% off all the items you see above, as well as anything else you find at Angel’s Sex Toys from now until August 31st. When it’s time to shop for back to school supplies for that naughty adult in your life, you know where to go!

Back To School Sale At Angel’s Sex Toys

Oh, yes – it is that time ¬†of the year when a lot of us start stocking up on school supplies to last throughout the year. But what about us adults who still want to save, but don’t really want to stock up on notebooks and backpacks? For the entire month of August, use coupon code TEACHME10 to save 10% off your order of $50 or more at Angel’s Sex Toys! Once again we are opening this code up to the entire store, but we’ve got a few items in mind that just might earn you some ‘extra time’ after class!

Slutty Schoolgirl Outfits

Searching for the perfect schoolgirl costume? We’ve got quite a selection of slutty schoolgirl outfits and accessories for the naughty little student who needs a whole lot of help after school!

If you’d like a one-stop shop, we have several schoolgirl outfits that have everything included – skirts, tops and accessories. Or, you can pick our your own set from a selection of plaid mini skirts, stockings, tie-tops and shoes. We’ve even got curly wigs for that complete “innocent schoolgirl” look. Don’t worry about size, either. Whether you’re a small or 3XX, we’ve got you covered – or not, as the case may be!

School Themed Spankers

Every naughty little school girl needs a good spanking to set her straight! Sure, you can try and find a ruler in your school supply stash, or you can find school themed paddles and spankers that will do the job right! From rulers to hair brush style paddles – we’ve got impact toys for every occasion.

Maybe your student deserves a smack on her ass from teacher’s belt? Or will a quick whip of a rattan cane pointer do the job? Whichever tool fits into your scenario, we’ve probably got it!

Sex Instruction Books

For those looking to get a real education out of the back to school sale at Angel’s Sex Toys, we have a collection of sex instruction books that’ll help you ‘bone’ up on what you need to know! From blow jobs to anal sex, from perfecting your stripper routine to finding a new sex position for every day of the year, sex instruction books are a great way to learn new skills no matter your experience level. Include it into your student-teacher role play for an extra dose of after-school tutoring!

We will be featuring items here on the Angel’s blog all month long, so stay tuned for slutty schoolgirl outfits, sex education must-haves, and even a few thing to punish the naughty backside of your favorite ‘student’! Don’t forget – discount code TEACHME10 will save you 10% when you spend more than $50 at Angel’s Sex Toys!