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Classic S&M With Wood Spanking Paddles

wooden spanking paddleIs there anything more classic to S&M than a wood paddle? The Singapore Stinger 3 is a basic wooden spanking paddle from the Fetish Fantasy series with an affordable price.

The round shape to this wood paddle reminds me of the backside of a hairbrush, which makes it great for age play or even puppy play. The Singapore Slinger 3 is a smaller paddle which will help if you plan on travelling with your toy. While there isn’t a lot of weight behind this toy, that may be a positive thing for those who tend to get tired after a few rounds of spanks. This isn’t a quiet paddle – you will certainly hear the smack when you get a good amount of speed and power behind it!

At the end of the handle is a hanging cord, which can also wrap around your wrist for those times when you are engaging in particularly powerful play and don’t want to loose your grip.

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Explore Metal Sex Toys With Metal Worx

Have you ever used a metal dildo, metallic vibrators, or other metal sex toys before? Metal Worx is the leading name in high end metal sex toys. With unique shapes and well thought out designs, Metal Worx sex toys span the range from cock rings to metal dildos and a range of toys in between. Metallic sex toys are hypoallergenic and phthalate free for a worry free sexual experience. Here are our top four pics for Metal Worx metal sex toys.

metal dildo

Mr. Smooth Metal Dildo

The Mr Smooth Metal Dildo is ideal for anal play in addition to it’s use as a vaginal probe. The sleek and curved lines make insertion easy and the flared bottom makes removal simple. Like all metal sex toys, this meal dildo can be heated up or cooled down by submerging into a bowl of warm or cold water. Mr Smooth is a non-vibrating metal butt plug for those who are willing to spend a bit more for higher quality.

metal nipple clamps 

Magnetic Nipple Clamps

With the attention to detail, these magnetic nipple clamps will become a staple in your sex toy collection. The Magnetic Nipple Clamps from Metal Worx use magnetized bars to attach themselves to the nipple rather than a spring or pressure fit. Each end of the metal nipple clamps has a jewel which adds a bit of flare to the set. Don’t be fooled – the magnets hold these metal nipple clamps on tightly!

metal cock cage

Metal Worx Cock Cage

Keep your submissive man under control with the Metal Worx Cock Cage. Designed to hold the average sized flaccid penis, this metal cock cage comes complete with lock and key. The cold metal against flesh will be a sensation that he won’t forget any time soon – but then again, we’re sure you wouldn’t want him to, either!

Metal ben wa balls

Metal Ben Wa Balls

Bring a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey into your bedroom with the Metal Ben Wa Balls from Metal Worx. It didn’t take Anastasia long to learn the pleasures of ben wa balls, and this set from Metal Worx is the type of high end toy that Christian would certainly have in his playroom. These single unit ben wa balls are designed for those who are used to playing with love balls. If you’re unsure about their use, check out our Learning Center article on How Do Ben Wa Balls Work.

metal sex toys

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