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Part the firm rosey lips, and push your erect penis within. The heated sensation takes over your cock, and you can seriously feel the little protrusions on the lining. The suction stretches deep – right down to the base. You glance down, and you can see yourself within it. When you move in and out, the pleasure takes over you, and you’re geared up to cum. After a few more thrusts, you have reach your climax. God, that really feels delicious, and cleaning up afterward is basically non-existent. As soon as you’re through, you can place that lovely mouth away for the next encounter.

Seems like the perfect oral sex, doesn’t it? No-one to pick up, little foreplay, perfect procedure, and not a drop to wipe up – has anyone had it this simple? Well, there does exist a way you can have a session like this every day, and it’s the Head Honcho male masturbator. Of course, you’ve probably checked out male masturbators previously – they are often shaped like flashlights and run around 3 figures to buy. Can you even consider coughing up that kind of cash, particularly in this economy?

Now, you do not have to. The Head Honcho is everything we have detailed and a lot more. Using the its lengthy pink tubing with interior textures, you will be excited by both the suction and the rubbing. Even the largest gents out there will delight in the six inches of penetration. The opening in the lips will fit right around your penis, and down the entire way to the bottom. The material warms to your body temperature, mirroring that of warm mouth. When you are done, it truly is as effortless as running warm soapy water through the tube, or flipping it inside out for a more extensive washing.

Guys around the world, from all parts of society and all sexual orientations are taking advantage of this awesome replacement to high priced masturbation products.

You should not shell out your precious funds on that flashlight looking male masturbator when there exists a perfect choice online at Angel’s Sex Toys. Close your eyes and start dreaming, because the Head Honcho will take you to a different place!

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egg sex toy male masturbatorIf there’s one sex toy that has it’s place in any sexy Easter basket, it’s the Tenga Egg male masturbator. This male sex toy looks all sweet and innocent in it’s egg shaped container, but when put to use, this toy is nothing but pure ecstasy in the shape of an egg!

Each single-use egg sex toy comes with enough lube to make your session enjoyable. Simply unpeel the label from the plastic egg shell and pull out the packet of water based lube. Be sure to lube up both the inside as well as around the entrance for a fully pleasurable experience.

The Tenga Egg comes in a variety of textures, from bumps to ridges to waves and almost everything inbetween. Not sure which to settle on? Pick up the Tenga Egg 6 Pack with six different textures to choose from. Check out the Tenga Egg video below for a live demonstration of this egg sex toy doing it’s thing!

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