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Classic S&M With Wood Spanking Paddles

wooden spanking paddleIs there anything more classic to S&M than a wood paddle? The Singapore Stinger 3 is a basic wooden spanking paddle from the Fetish Fantasy series with an affordable price.

The round shape to this wood paddle reminds me of the backside of a hairbrush, which makes it great for age play or even puppy play. The Singapore Slinger 3 is a smaller paddle which will help if you plan on travelling with your toy. While there isn’t a lot of weight behind this toy, that may be a positive thing for those who tend to get tired after a few rounds of spanks. This isn’t a quiet paddle – you will certainly hear the smack when you get a good amount of speed and power behind it!

At the end of the handle is a hanging cord, which can also wrap around your wrist for those times when you are engaging in particularly powerful play and don’t want to loose your grip.

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