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sex pills and penis pumpsSpring is almost here, and we are ready to watch everything grow and come into bloom – including something very special!

This month, Angel’s Sex Toys is all about penis pumps, penis enhancement, and anything to get a bigger cock! For the guys who want to go down a non-medical route, we’ve got pumps and sleeves that will help you maintain a larger, harder and longer lasting erection. If you’d rather just pop a pill and not deal with any kind of equipment, we’ve got a selection of sex pills that will up and running for longer.

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vaginal penis pumpBeginner penis pumps don’t need to look like a test tube! Realistic penis pumps like the Oro Stimulator can add a bit of visual fun to your penis pumping. This pump has a mouth-like opening for the penis, and a sheath that rolls over your member for a blowjob-like feel. The hand pump is easy to use and doesn’t require any batteries or wires. This is a basic beginner’s penis pump with the added feature of a realistic mouth.

We’ve had a number of reviewers say that they’ve bought this penis pump a number of times, they enjoy it so much. While the low price means it won’t last you forever, it’s much less expensive than going out and buying a $50 penis pump and deciding you don’t like the way it works. One reviewer even modified it so that his lover could suck on the tube rather than using the hand pump to activate the suction. Add a bit of water based lube to the mix, and you’ve got a portable blow job!

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