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List of Icicles Glass Sex Toys – Numbers 01 to 20

Pipedream’s Icicles range is the most widely known collection of glass sex toys. Rather than giving their glass sex toys cheeky little names, they are numbered. Ranging from dildos and butt plugs to strap ons and vibrators, the Icicles glass sex toy collection has something for everyone. Here’s a list of the first twenty Icicles sex toys available at Angel’s Sex Toys. Numbers 21 through 42 will make their appearance in a future post. Don’t forget – use coupon code AUNATUREL for $5 off orders over $25, for a limited time only! 

Icicles No. 1 – A straight sided, colorless glass dildo with spiral detailing around the shaft. The base is rounded to have something to grip onto, and the shaft tapers slightly at the end for ease of insertion.

glass anal probeIcicles No. 2 – Described as “anal beads”, Icicles Two is an anal probe with increasingly larger spheres connected as a single unit. (Think nine-part snowman.)

Icicles No. 3 – Similar in shape to the No. 1, the Icicles three has a blue glass spiraling detail as opposed to the No. 1’s clear detailing.

Icicles No. 4 – This Icicles is a remote controlled vibrator. The glass shaft itself has an “O” shaped base where the bullet vibrator is inserted, with a slight curve at the tip to stimulate the G-spot. The shaft has a pink colored spiral which matches the pink vibrator controller.

Icicles No. 5 – The most popular Icicles glass sex toy at Angel’s Sex Toys. Icicles No 5 is a phallus shaped glass dildo with a thicker blue spiral around the shaft. The toy is slightly “bent”, with a mushroom-shaped tip. The base is flat, so the glass dildo may be used in certain O-ring style harnesses.

Icicles No. 6 – Another straight sided glass dildo with a flat flared bottom. The tip is slightly rounded and bulbous. The shaft of this glass sex toy has a number of pink colored textures, including bumps and spirals.

Icicles No. 7 – A straight sided glass dildo with a slightly tapering tip and a rounded, spherical base. The sides of the shaft have purple colored bumps from base to tip.

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rabbit vibe


How can we talk about Easter sex toys without mentioning rabbit vibrators? Made popular by the Sex and the City television show, this dual stimulation vibrator is now a staple for any sex toy collection.

Rabbit vibrators come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, functions and price ranges. From your bargain basic units that have a single vibration setting, to higher end models that twirl and thrust, there is a rabbit vibrator out there for everyone. There are even remote controlled versions, as well as those with suction cup bases that allow you to stick it onto a flat surface for a hands free experience  Fun in the shower, anyone?

This Easter sex toy may not be easy to hide in your typical Easter basket, but we still think it’s a great naughty gift for your lady love on Easter Sunday.


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