Let’s take a look at lube! Are you aware that there’re specific kinds of lubricant that should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be applied to certain adult toys? That other sexual lubricants are ideal for when doing naughty things in the tub? And that there are oil based lubricants that are healthy for the human body? Here is the info on lubricants that can help you choose which lubrication works the best for what you want!

water sex lubeWater Based – This is the default lubrication for many individuals. It’s compatible with nearly all materials of sextoys, in addition to condoms. You will find there’s a big variety in water based lubes in relation to price tag. You can even buy water based lubes from your local drug store – especially the popular KY Jelly. Water based lubes can be flavored for oral sex, and sometimes have ingredients that make your skin feel hot or cold when used. Water based lube is very simple to wash away, although this does mean it would not necessarily last very long while having sex in water. The disadvantages to water based lube is that it is thinner, which means it isn’t going to last as long and will more than likely need multiple applications during lengthier sessions.

Silicone Based – The thicker and longer lasting nature of silicone based sex lube makes it a favored option for those taking part in anal sex. The reason being the anus, as opposed to the vagina, cannot make its own lubrication, so the silicon sex lube should be applied all throughout the session (compared to just to start it off before the natural lube gets going). Due to the fact silicone lube doesn’t easily dissolve in water, it happens to be great for sex in the water. The negatives about silicone based sex lubricants would be that you can not use it with a few materials, including latex (as in most condoms) and silicone. Yes – mixing a silicone formulated sex lube alongside a silicone sex toy will lead to the materials in the toy getting rotted away with time. Not to mention its not absorbed into the body like water based lubricant does, so it is a bit more time consuming to clean up.

anal sex oil based lubeOil Based – When you mention oil based lubes, petroleum jelly and baby oil are usually the first variety to come to your mind. But, since it’s not the best product to use while having vaginal sex, it is usually forgotten. Male masturbation, on the other hand (pardon the pun), continues to be open to using oil based sex lube. It is inexpensive, easily available, and doesn’t look unusual in your bathroom closet. Sadly, the ladies appear to have been excluded from this choice for a while. Luckily lube suppliers have taken notice and began developing oil based sex lubricants which are compatible with the vagina.

Any time you’re deciding on a sex lube, it’s always important to see that there’s a list of contents on the side of the container. If you have any type of a reaction to your sex lube, it will help pin down which part of the sexual lubrication could possibly be causing you the trouble. Even though it is still completely legal, a number of companies put components like parabens and glycerin which could lead to difficulty as slight as thrush, to as complex as cancer.

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