Wishlists have now come to Angel’s Sex Toys! Are you a cam girl who wants to get your fans to send you the sex toys you want? A FinDomme who expects her slaves to add to her sex toy and lingerie collection? Or just looking for a way to let your love know what you really want for your birthday? Setting up a wishlist at Angel’s Sex Toys is so simple!

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a wishlist account. Here, you’ll enter all the shipping details, as well as create your login. Don’t worry – the only people who will see your name, address, email address and other personal details are the staff who will be sending you the items. Your clients, customers and friends won’t be able to access any of that information.

So – the TL;DR steps:

1. Set up a Wishlist Account.

2. Log into your Wishlist Account.

3. Add items to your wish list.

4. Publish your wishlist URL wherever you want.

4a. Get in touch with Angel’s Sex Toys for an exclusive coupon code for your fans.

5. Await the goodies!

Once you’ve completed the registration, you have a few options. You’ll first receive your wishlist URL to give to those who will be buying items for you. You can then enter your own personal message to those who click onto that page, as well as uploading your own personal images. You can also change your shipping details here at any time.

Filling up your wishlist is as easy as shopping at Angel’s. Make sure you are logged into your account, then just browse the shop as you would do normally. Now, though, you’ll see an “Add to Wish List” link under each item, both in search pages as well as individual item pages. The item will then be added to your list. Change your mind? Just click “Remove” to take something off of your wish list.

There is no limit to the number of items that you can have on your Angel’s Sex Toys wishlist. Once your item has been purchased, you’ll receive an email notification that lists what was purchased as well as a personal message from the buyer. Be sure you remove the item from your wish list  as the system doesn’t do that automatically – unless you want more than one!

Want to offer your fans a discount? Get in touch with Angel’s Sex Toys to arrange a coupon code exclusively for your customers. We can also set up bespoke landing pages and URLs for you and your customers. Just drop us a line and we’ll discuss your needs!

Angels Sex Toys wishlist

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